The stock market is one of the best place to invest. It has been proven over time that small cap stocks yield a better return than any other type of investments. Investing for dummies is a section of our website that will help you make better investment decision when choosing small cap stocks.

Here are 10 tips to consider when choosing a penny stocks:

  • Research on the Company (who's the management team, what does the company do)
  • Research the industry the company is in (is it in a growing industry, what is their place in the space)
  • Is the product or services of the company attractive to the market
  • Share structure (is the outstanding shares reasonable, what is the float)
  • Promotion (who are the groups promoting the company, this is essential for all penny stocks)
  • Trading history (is there a lot of volume on the stock, any accumulation)
  • Research Report (what are others saying abou the company)
  • Recent Press Release (is the company releasing news on a timely basis)
  • Financing (is the company secured financially)
  • Entry point (are you buying at a low or at a high)


Our recommendation is to never invest with more than you can lose.
Penny stocks can pose significant risk to capital.